You see our aircraft and ground transport vehicles. What we see at Boston MedFlight is a complex, critical care delivery system of partners, people, technology and services. 

This system is unique in the nation and demonstrates, day in and day out, that quality is what happens when you focus every ounce of energy and brainpower on providing the absolute highest level of care possible. 

Collaboration over competition: Boston MedFlight is proof that when competing institutions put their rivalries aside and focus on a common goal, they can accomplish great things. 

Investment in excellence: In order to maintain our high level of care, we must continuously invest in safety, new equipment and technologies, education and training.

Culture of safety: Nothing is more important than the safety of our patients and crew. We invest constantly in training and equipment.

Strength from partnership: Local first responders, other New England Air Alliance critical care transport members, clinical teams at the sending hospitals we serve — partnership and cooperation are at the very core of quality.

A responsibility to share our knowledge: The best call is the one we never get. We go above and beyond to help educate local communities and families on safety and accident prevention.

Compassion is a form of care, too: When family members accompany patients we treat them, too. Just holding a loved one’s hand can make a world of difference during a very difficult time.  


We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.