Mission, Vision and Values

The Boston MedFlight Mission: Boston MedFlight commits to excellence in patient care by providing the highest quality critical care transport system in the region.
The Boston MedFlight Vision: Our vision is to be a national leader in critical care transport and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Our Core Values are Equally Clear:

Integrity: With ourselves and with others, we are always honest and act ethically.
Commitment: Our words and actions prioritize safety, patient needs and the MedFlight mission.
Quality: We aim for excellence in every detail and constantly seek to improve our performance.
Respect: We treat others with dignity and value their contributions.
Consistency: We demonstrate our high standards in every interaction with internal or external customers.
Collaboration: We build teams and relationships in our organization, providers, and partners.
Accountability: We hold ourselves, our teams, and our leaders to these values.

For over three decades, unparalleled cooperation and collaboration between the Boston MedFlight consortium hospitals has created and supported a critical care transport system that benefits the entire region. Our focus is medicine, patient care, and providing the linkage between community facilities and tertiary facilities for the sickest patients.

Critical care transport is an essential component of a healthcare delivery system. Cooperation and collaboration ensure investment in safety, quality, education and training to care for the most critically ill and injured patients.

We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.