Airplane Transport

Providing a longer lifeline to gravely ill patients.

Our mission at Boston MedFlight is to send the right vehicle to the right patient at the right time, and to get them to the right hospital. 

Burlington, Vermont. Bangor, Maine. Nantucket Island. Sometimes the sickest of the sick are far away. Our fixed-wing aircraft gives us the ability to fly longer critical care transport missions and get patients to the lifesaving care they need. For example, we’ve flown transplant patients all the way from the Midwest and southeastern U.S.  

Boston MedFlight’s King Air, twin-engine turbo-prop aircraft allows us to deliver ICU-level care above the clouds. Our missions are always bedside-to-bedside. We’ll land at the nearest airport and proceed immediately to the sending hospital via ambulance. We collaborate with the patient’s medical team to formulate a plan and determine the advanced care that is needed during transport (for example, he or she may be on a mechanical ventilator). From there it’s back to the airport for the return transport with another ambulance transport leg at the receiving facility.

Our King Air 200B twin-engine turbo-prop flies an average of 100 missions per year. If appropriate, we also have access to a jet for very long-range critical care transport missions.

Although the transport may end when we deliver our patient, our job isn’t complete. As with all of our transports, we follow up with the sending and receiving teams after every mission. 



King Air 200B Twin-Engine Turbo-Prop
Our fixed-wing aircraft is based at our Hanscom Field headquarters.  It has a range of 1,200 miles (approximately 1,380 land miles) and a cruising speed of 310 mph.

Boston MedFlight’s airplane transport is operated and maintained by SevenBar Aviation

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