Boston MedFlight relies on the stewardship of the following members of our leadership team: 

Board of Trustees

Brien Barnewolt, M.D. - Chair, Board of Trustees - Tufts Medical Center
Alastair Bell, M.D. - Vice Chair, Board of Trustees - Boston Medical Center
Julia Sinclair, MBA - Treasurer, Board of Trustees - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Charles H. Cook, M.D. - Clerk, Board of Trustees - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Alasdair K. Conn, M.D. - Chair Emeritus, Board of Trustees - Friend, Board of Trustees - Massachusetts General Hospital
Ann Prestipino - Chair Emeritus, Board of Trustees - Friend, Board of Trustees - Massachusetts General Hospital
Kirsten Boyd, DNP, MHA, RN - Beth Israel Lahey Health
Courtney Cannon, AB, MBA - Boston Children's Hospital
Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan, MSN, RN, CS - At-Large, Board of Trustees - Beth Israel Lahey Health
Tracey Dechert, M.D., FACS - Boston Medical Center 
Peter Dunn, M.D. - Massachusetts General Hospital
Nicole Parent Haughey - At-Large, Board of Trustees - Chair, Boston MedFlight Leadership Council
Monica Kleinman, M.D. - Boston Children's Hospital
Patricia (Tish) McMullin, JD - At-Large, Board of Trustees - Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals
Ali Raja, M.D., MBA -  - Massachusetts General Hospital
Diana Richardson, MBA - Tufts Medical Center
Michael Rosenblatt, M.D., MPH, MBA - Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
Ali Salim, M.D., MBA - Brigham and Women's Hospital






Leadership Team

Maura Hughes, CPA, MBA - Chief Executive Officer
Jason Cohen, D.O. - Chief Medical Officer 
Susan Wilcox, M.D. - Associate Chief Medical Officer 
Norma Mendilian, CPA - Chief Financial Officer 
Andrew Farkas, RN, EMT-P - Chief Operating Officer - Clinical 
Rick Kenin, ATP, MPA - Chief Operating Officer - Transport
Teresa Strangie, PHR - Chief Human Resource Officer 
Charles Blathras, EMT-P - Director of Partner Engagement & Business Development
Michael Frakes, APRN, EMT-P - Chief Quality Officer, Director of Clinical Care   
Kenneth Panciocco, EMT, CFC - Director, Communications Center
Todd Denison, EMT-P/FP-C - Director of Safety


Associate Medical Directors

Michael Cocchi, M.D. - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Ari Cohen, M.D. - Massachusetts General Hospital
Sophia Dyer, M.D. - Boston Medical Center
Frank Friedman, M.D. - Tufts Medical Center
Richard Kaufman, M.D. - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Michael Prendergast, M.D. - Massachusetts General Hospital
Jordan Rettig, M.D. - Boston Children's Hospital
Raghu Seethala, M.D. - Brigham & Women's Hospital

We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.