A model for excellence in critical care transport.

Tightly coordinated integration with cities and towns, first responders, community hospitals, and academic medical centers ensures system efficiency, high quality medical care, and safe patient transport. We consider all of these providers true partners and work with them on a daily basis to help care for the sickest of the sick.  Collectively, we put safety and patient care at the forefront — to the benefit of the entire region and beyond. 

“Boston MedFlight is NCH's lifeline to Boston for our critically ill patients. When we need to get our patients to a higher level of care the sound of the helicopter is sweet music.”  

- Timothy J. Lepore, MD, FACS, Medical Director and Chief of Surgery, Nantucket Cottage Hospital

In addition to these partnerships, Boston MedFlight also works with the other air medical programs located throughout the North East. The North East Air Alliance (NEAA) was founded by Boston MedFlight, UMASS LifeFlight and Hartford Life Star in 1989 as a joint venture. The goal of NEAA was and still is to maintain a safe and high quality critical care transport system by sharing information and best practices, discussing experiences, and encouraging communication among all regional air medical transport providers. The group, which meets monthly, now includes LifeFlight of Maine, Dartmouth/Hitchcock (DHART) and LifeNet of New York as well as its charter members.

“The New England approach to a regional network of critical care transport is unique in the US.  All of the programs in the Northeast Air Ambulance Alliance (NEAA) work in close collaboration to assure that our most vulnerable patients reach the care they need with an unparalleled commitment to safety, quality, and cooperation. Boston MedFlight is the cornerstone of NEAA with a commitment to the highest levels of performance and trust.” 

- Thomas P. Judge, CCTP, Executive Director, LifeFlight of Maine / The LifeFlight Foundation

Boston MedFlight’s commitment to working cooperatively and collaboratively with these providers has solidified its investment in safety, quality, education and training and has established the model for excellence in the critical care transport industry. 

"Pro EMS and Center for MEDICS have been a part of exceptional collaborative effort with Boston MedFlight. The integration of high fidelity simulation at Pro EMS and Boston MedFlight allows our EMS educators to achieve the highest learning goals for all of our students and field providers. Our students and employees have gained valuable insight and training with a specific focus on the high acuity, low frequency skills needed to care for our most critical patients."  

Bill Mergendahl, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Ambulance, Cambridge, MA

We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.