Community Outreach

Our community is everything.

Our critical care transport teams have seen every conceivable kind of incident and injury. We feel a deep responsibility to put that knowledge and experience to work. In collaboration with local officials, schools and civic organizations, we go out into the community on a regular basis to teach safety awareness. 

Too many times we’re called to incidents involving teenagers. We established our SafeTeen program to help them realize the very real consequences of reckless and distracted driving and behavior.

Working with community first responders, high school administrators and faculty, PTOs and student organizations—even the local morgue—our outreach team stages simulations of serious accidents on the grounds of local high schools. Real students are cast as victims. Real first responders swarm in, our helicopter lands to triage the most seriously injured, the hearse arrives to take away the classmates that don’t survive. These simulations are incredibly impactful and make a deep and lasting impression on the teenagers who witness them.  



Safety Awareness and Prevention

Boston MedFlight’s outreach commitment also includes age-appropriate, interactive programs that teach children important yet practical ways to prevent injury and stay safe. Teachers and local youth counselors schedule a field trip to our headquarters where children learn about bicycle safety, helmet protection, fire safety and prevention, and how to call for emergency assistance. In addition to schools and local youth programs, Boston MedFlight also welcomes base visits from scout troops, the National Youth Forum and area summer camps.   

Patient Reunion

Even during short transports, our teams develop a genuine concern for all patients. We hold a patient reunion every spring and invite all patients we have transported over the previous two years. It’s a day filled with compassion, appreciation and a few tears as patients and families have a chance to meet their Boston MedFlight crew (and vice versa) under much happier and healthier circumstances.  

We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.