Helicopter and ground vehicle—each one is a gleaming model of advanced ICU care and safety.

Sitting in the back of one of our helicopters, a heavy curtain separates the flight crew from the patient area. It is a small space, about 8 feet by 8 feet. In the center is a platform that can hold two patients, side by side. There are wall seats for the crew—and an extra one for a family member. Designed for utmost efficiency, the critical care equipment our teams need to provide intensive and emergency care is within arm’s reach. 

Our ambulances aren’t your typical ambulances—all of our air and ground vehicles are fully equipped for ICU-level patient care. But equally important, they’re models of safety, too. Knowing this reassures our crews and makes it easier for them to concentrate on their work.

Altogether, we maintain three helicopters and seven critical care ground transport vehicles. Not only does the size of the fleet allow us to help as many patients as possible, it gives us the ability to send the right vehicle to the right patient at the right time.   

By far the majority of our missions are inter-hospital transports. In fact, we put over 194,000 miles on our ground vehicles every year taking ground patients — the very sickest of the sick — from sending hospitals to the care they need. 



We need your support to ensure we can continue to get the sickest of the sick to the care they so desperately need.