December 31, 1969
September 25, 2017
BEDFORD, MA - Boston MedFlight congratulates the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association on releasing the fifth edition of the one-of-a-kind critical care transport textbook:  Patient Transport: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition, published by Elsevier on September 21.
The 656-page book has been extensively updated and revised to meet the needs of all healthcare providers dedicated to expert care delivery in transport and includes information based on the latest updates from the Federal Aviation Association and the National Transportation Safety Board.  
We are proud that several members of the Boston MedFlight team have lent significant expertise to this essential project, and thank them for their important service to our field.  Our colleagues Aaron Bell and Ken Panciocco were chapter reviewers, Dr. Jason Cohen, Vahe Ender, Michael Frakes, and Fred Jeffries authored chapters, and Michael Frakes was a co-editor of the book.  We also recognize our North East Air Alliance colleagues from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART), Molly Bondurant and Kyle Madigan, and Sam Schaab of LifeFlight of Maine for their contributions to the textbook.